The Calm Zabuton - Vintage Mae


Inspired by your favourite well-loved vintage piece - this denim-like, floral aesthetic has a textured, upholstery style hand-feel. 

The Calm Zabuton cradles and cushions the ankles and seat during your seated postures. This slight elevation helps you sit up taller and more comfortably whether sitting in your home or falling deep into a zen-meditation practice. With added height and filled with strong cotton batting-- the Calm Zabuton was made and built to last right in B Yoga’s factory in Burnaby, BC.

Dimensions: 24" x 30" x 2.5"
Weight: 5.6lbs
Materials: Cover - Varies based on variant. Interior - cotton fill, cotton encasing
Made by: B Yoga
Made in: Burnaby, British Columbia

Please allow up to 10 days delivery on domestic shipments and up to 4 weeks on international shipments.

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