When 2020 began, I had been involved in the corporate world for 20+ years. Along came COVID. I found myself living pretty much 24/7 within my four walls. It became more important than ever to make my surroundings comfortable and relaxed. Montreal-based BNorth Domicile was founded with one core belief - that being home is an opportunity to be surrounded by life’s simple pleasures. I’m going to help you love your home.

BNorth Domicile is a collection of timeless, expertly crafted, Canadian-made products. A one-stop shop showcasing a curated network of high-end creations from the talented designers, master artisans and manufacturers of Canada. With close attention to detail, all our products are carefully selected - each made locally and of the highest quality. Our passion is to connect with designers across this country who tell their own story through their craft.

Refresh your home for every one of our four seasons.
Be Home. Be Comfortable. BNorth.