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Cortina Microfiber Luxury Duvet - Hypoallergenic


The Cortina Luxury Duvet is composed of microfiber, a perfect alternative to down.

This synthetic fiber comes from a new spinning technology. The microfiber's fiber is very fine, 100x thinner than a hair, which gives it a very soft and silky touch.

The feeling of the Cortina Duvet is comparable to that of down especially because of its softness, lightness and its finesse. It is also an excellent product for people looking for a duvet that eliminates the maximum humidity during the night.

Oeko-Tex Certified
Laboratory tested for harmful substances
Microfiber 600 GR/M2
100% Cotton
400 Thread Count
2.5” thickness
Sewn-Thru Construction

Made in Montreal, Québec.

*This item ships out within 3-4 business days.

Twin: 66" X 90" (48 oz)
Double: 80" X 88" (56 oz)
Queen: 88” x 92” (65 oz)
XQueen: 94” x 98” (74 oz)
King: 106” x 92” (78 oz)
XKing: 118” x 100” (85 oz)

Microfiber 600 GR/M2 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count 2.5” thickness Hypoallergenic Oeko-Tex Certified. Laboratory tested for harmful substances. Sewn-Thru Construction

Whether for allergic or simply ethical reasons, synthetic duvets have the advantage of being a little less fragile than their natural cousins, but still require just as much love.

—You see a stain? Don’t wash your entire duvet. Instead, use a natural soap and a little water on the stain only to avoid weakening the synthetic fibers of your duvet.

- AERATION - —Let your duvet breathe for several hours once a month or, in early summer and late fall, on a sunny and slightly windy day.

- WASHING - —You can also wash your synthetic duvet at home, but with great care: don’t force your comforter into your machine. You need to make sure you have a tub large enough to accommodate it. Use the most natural cleaning products possible, without chemical agents or detergents. Set the cycle to 30 or 40 degrees with normal spin.
—Professional washing is always preferable to avoid any surprises!

—If the weather permits, lay your duvet outside. Turn it over from time to time.
—You can also put it in the dryer at low heat, with wool dryer balls to keep it all puffy!
Machine wash at 30 degrees, tumble dry on gentle cycle or without heat, do not iron, do not bleach, can also be dry-cleaned.
Focus on cleaning the stain rather than washing your entire bedding.

Made by: Dolce Bianca
Made in: Montreal, Québec

Please allow up to 2 weeks delivery on domestic shipments and up to 4 weeks on international shipments.

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