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This green vase nicely accommodates long leaves, flowers, or beautifies your space on its own.

The LAGOM collection aspires to Scandinavian culture with a contemporary, clean aesthetic for everyday use, valuing quality for durability and inviting a slower pace of life. The colour palette and textures are inspired by the winter landscape of Nordic fjords and forests.

Handcrafted in Montreal, Québec by ceramicist, Leïla Firdaous

Approximate dimensions: 4"(base diametre) x 2"(diametre at opening) x 8.5"(high)
Volume: 900 ml

Please note the colours + design displayed online may vary slightly from the actual product delivered. No two pieces are alike. Please read the "Perfectly Imperfect" tab below.



Leïla Firdaous is the creator behind ateleï. This name indicates an association between the word atelier (workshop in french) and her first name, meaning a representation of her production in her image. 

This workshop allows her to experiment and create functional and/or artistic objects in order to share them and contribute, in a sustainable way, to a minimalist and balanced lifestyle. The Slow Made movement is at the heart of her production. She aspires that her creations are useful and bring tranquility to your daily life and your environment, while adding a touch of refined and contemporary aesthetics.

She has studied various subjects in her artistic career, such as the 2D/3D animation and visual arts program at Cégep, a bachelor's degree in visual and media arts, and art education. Recently, she studied ceramic technique at Cégep. During this journey, she discovered what her values were and what she wanted to contribute to this world. She discovered that balance in life, connection to others through sharing, creativity and sensitivity to aesthetics were at the center of her interests and it is these elements that are echoed in her production.

Her creativity is fuelled by an appreciation of the world around her, by cultural diversity and also by the natural world. Being of Moroccan origin but born in Québec, she was able to live and appreciate two very different cultures, which gave her the taste to explore others such as the Scandinavian or East Asian cultures. She aspires to transmit this appreciation in her creations, whether it be through aesthetics, lifestyle or the culinary world represented.

Each piece is handcrafted - therefore each design is similar, but no two pieces are alike. There will be slight variations from the photo to the actual delivered product. Each piece is unique with subtle differences in glaze thickness, colour, shape, design and size. Variations, rather than being ‘imperfect’ or ‘flawed’, provide unique qualities inherent in handcrafted ceramics and should not be seen as a fault or defect.

Please note the colours + design displayed online may vary slightly from the actual product delivered.

Please review our Return Policy on handcrafted items before placing your order.

Approximate dimensions: 4" (base diameter) x 2" (diametre at opening) x 8.5" (high).
Material: Stoneware
Care: Dishwasher safe (on a delicate cycle) and microwave safe - howver it is not recommeded to microwave the darker pieces since they heat up much faster. Handwashing in warm water is recommended. As a general rule, It's best to avoid thermal shock and to prioritize hand washing for maximum durability.
Made by: ateleï
Made in: Montreal, Québec

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