Art et Argile by Michèle Lavallée - Olive Oil Dispenser with Tray


This Porcelain Floral Oil Dispenser is very easy to pour thanks to its wide neck. It can also be used as a beautiful single flower vase by simply removing the spout. 

Keep it by the stove in your kitchen to use while cooking, mix up a salad dressing, drizzle caprese with EVOO, or place it on the table. The spout is easy to remove for cleaning.

A small tray that can be used for dipping bread is included.

Each piece is handcrafted + drawn by hand by Michèle Lavallée -  therefore each design is similar, but no two pieces are alike. Flower styles + flower colours may vary on each piece. 

Pairs perfectly with all matching pieces from our Art & Argile - Michèle Lavallée Floral Collection.


Michèle’s ceramics reflect her love for nature and watercolour. Her creations focus on tableware and each hand-decorated piece is designed for everyday use. It is important for her, as a ceramicist, to create aesthetically pleasing, durable, quality pieces that express her interest in beautiful, well-designed, handmade objects.

Trained in Industrial Design, Ergonomics, and Arts & Crafts (ceramics), Michèle received the Prix Évolution Caisse Desjardins de la Culture for her collection presented in December 2020. Since then, she has continued her activities and creates objects that bring joy to people’s lives.

Each piece is handcrafted - therefore each design is similar, but no two pieces are alike. There will be slight variations from the photo to the actual delivered product. Each piece is unique with subtle differences in glaze thickness, colour, shape, design, flower colours/style, and size. Variations, rather than being ‘imperfect’ or ‘flawed’, provide unique qualities inherent in handcrafted ceramics and should not be seen as a fault or defect.

Please review our return policy on handcrafted items before placing your order.

Approximate Dimensions:
Oil Dispenser: 3.34" x 2.65" W x 8.26" H. Volume: 250 ml
Tray: 4.33" L x 2.95" W x 0.47 H Material: Porcelain
Care: Dishwasher safe, though hand washing is preferable, more gentle and will lengthen their lifespan. Microwave safe.
Made by: Art et Argile - Michèle Lavallée
Made in: Boucherville, Québec

Please allow up to 10 days delivery on domestic shipments and up to 4 weeks on international shipments.

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