We’ve all read the headlines of the booming online retail shopping economy throughout these past 18 months. Amazon and eBay saw gross profits as large as an entire country’s GDP, but not everyone wants to shop at Amazon. Sure - for batteries and electronics, but given the popularity of companies like Etsy, more and more people want one-of-a-kind objects that are well made and of high quality. Given the diversity of the Canadian population, today more than ever it’s vital to showcase the global influence and culture that exists in the country and offer products that appeal to anyone - while making everything accessible with one click. 

Most of what we’ve bought throughout this pandemic has been online and probably got wedged on a container ship originating in an offshore country. In some circumstances, buyers have waited as much as 11 months to get a single cushion, and when it finally did arrive, it was warped! However, Beverly Shwarzer had put herself ahead of the game creating her own online retail business where everything is readily available, can be shipped out the same or next business day and is delivered right to your door. Best of all, she’s proud to represent over 28 Canadian-made only brands from across the country. She strives to promote local artisans and manufacturers with a focus on sustainability, community, and high-end craftsmanship. 

In 2020, Beverly Shwarzer founded BNorth Domicile, a Montreal-based, online shop selling thoughtfully curated, eye-catching, skillfully crafted, eco-sustainable collections of home decor, wellness, beauty, loungewear, pet gear and much more. Upon finding herself confined to her home at the onset of the pandemic, Beverly discovered her passion for the uniqueness and quality of Canadian-made home goods and saw an opportunity to showcase the best Canada has to offer. She encourages Canadians to shop and support local, thereby supporting Canadian designers impacted by international competition. Aware of the incredible talent that exists throughout Canada, BNorth Domicile has quickly become a one-stop-shop of globally infused products on a single platform. 

Nesting has a new meaning since the onset of the pandemic and being home has become an opportunity to surround oneself with objects that bring us joy. In times where we are unexpectedly home more than ever before, refreshing our spaces and finding time for wellness are essential. With many of us at home, we have placed greater attention to the items that surround us daily. And with tourism finally coming back to Canada, people traveling won’t necessarily want to spend their vacation time or business trips in physical stores looking for Canadian-made original products. BNorth Domicile offers the opportunity to shop for original Canadian-made gifts online and have everything shipped back home (which also helps since most travelers prefer to travel with carry-on luggage only).  

After 20+ years as a corporate executive, Beverly began her new chapter as a female-owned business, promoting local on a global scale. 

Written by: Giovanna Bortolamedi

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