St Genève - Biancha Luxury Linen Sateen Pillowcases (Pack of 2) - 100% Linen


Our Biancha 100% Linen Sateen Pillowcases are designed with a 3" contrasting cuff (reverse of main fabric) for an elegant monochromatic look. Soft to the touch and sophisticated in style. Biancha Linen will complement any style of bedroom décor, with comfort and style. 

Biancha is designed and sewn at St Genève’s atelier in British Columbia, Canada. Woven in Italy.

Coordinate with matching Biancha Duvet Cover, Pillow Shams and Sheets. 

Pack of 2 Pillowcases.

*Please allow up to 6 weeks delivery on domestic shipments and up to 8 weeks on international shipments.

**Please contact us directly for any custom requirements. 

**Fabric swatches are available upon request.

Queen Size: 21.5” H x 30” W
King Size: 21.5” H x 36” W
Material: 100% Linen .
Care: Fine bed linens are like a fine wine: they improve with age. As they are used, your St. Genève fine bed linens will improve in softness and comfort, unlike basic linens that are worse for wear. This process can take 8-10 launderings, after which they will be soft, smooth and naturally wrinkle-resistant.
Natural fibers, like those used at St Genève, are not fussy, but do require proper care. Follow these simple tips to get the most years and enjoyment from your fine bed linens.
We recommend washing your sheets once per week. Rotate your sheets. By letting your sheets ‘rest’ in between uses you will greatly extend the life of both sets, in addition to making laundry day a little easier!
Washing: Launder whites, colours, and prints separately. White linen may be washed hot, and coloured linens should be washed at medium temperatures. Spin to extract excess water, and stretch damp articles to their natural size and shape before ironing.
Make sure there is enough water in the cycle. Many washing machines are water-saving, which causes added friction on the bed linens. Use maximum water settings.
Use very little detergent. Too much detergent may not rinse out completely and will cause buildup.
Do not use fabric softener, bleach, or detergents with bleach, whiteners, or alkaline detergents.
Drying: Do not tumble dry. It is best to line dry linen. For a softer, less crisp feel, toss briefly into the dryer and then hang to dry fully.
PILLING PREVENTION Do not use caustic soaps, bleaches, Persil, or Woolite detergents. Sleep in nightwear made with natural fabrics; nightwear made with synthetic fibers is one of the biggest causes of pilling. Do not launder with any articles that are heavy or coarse, they can scour the fabric. Acne medications and whitening toothpastes contain chemicals that will bleach almost everything.
Made by: St Genève
Made in: Richmond, British Columbia

Please allow up to 6 weeks delivery on domestic shipments and up to 8 weeks on international shipments.

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