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Soy Candle 420 ml - Cactus + Blackberry


All candles are made by hand using only soy wax, high-quality scented oils without phthalates and essential oils. The cork lids are hand-cut and the labels are printed at home. No dye is used in the manufacturing of the candles. All candles are extremely fragrant and spreads quickly.

You can also use the cork lid as a coaster for your candle to protect your furniture from the heat. Do not discard your container when the candle is finished. You can just clean it with hot soapy water and your container is ready for new use! A container for small treasures, sweets or even food presentations! 

Why soy?
Most candles are made of paraffin wax. This paraffin is a derivative of oil and is a reason why you should consider using soy candles rather than paraffin candles. Soy wax is a 100% vegetable wax obtained after extracting the oil from the soybean.

Benefits of soy:
Environmentally friendly, natural, renewable and biodegradable. Little or no unpleasant smoke, so no discoloration of your walls. Lifespan is 30-50% longer than a candle made of paraffin wax. Soy candles give off less heat and are safer.

Size: 420 ml (3.95” x 3.95”)
Duration: 60 – 70 hours
Ingredients: Soy, scented oils
Made by: Blanc Soja
Made in: Longueuil, Quebec

Please allow up to 10 days delivery on domestic shipments and up to 4 weeks on international shipments.

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